Evaluation Committee

To evaluate the media, we form a permanent working committee called: “The Committee of Wise Men”, which includes prominent names with great weight in the field.

This committee supervises the evaluation process to obtain the quality mark, as it acts as a reference on which the mark relies on.

Reaching the level of the “ME2022” quality mark depends on the quality of your content and not on the quantity, and the mark cannot be withdrawn, especially if your communication performance declines after obtaining it.


Among the ethics of the “ME2022” quality mark, which will be followed by “ME2023” & “ME2024” & so on so fourth is that it does not believe at all that the mark is a temporary license as much as it is an ethical recognition of the quality of the content and services of the applicant, according to the standards of the communication community and the conditions it requires at that time.

In addition, “MEDIA EVALUATION” awards a golden shield at the end of the year during an annual event that it prepares internationally. And the shield is sent to all the winners in all parts of the country.

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